7 Reasons Every Business Should Invest in Video Marketing

In recent years, it has become increasingly evident that video marketing is trending. With a growing number of businesses around the world investing in video marketing, it’s time to consider just what a small investment can do for your company. You can shoot a video yourself with all the readily accessible and often free tools like motion templates that add flavor to your productions or hire a pro team of videographers. Either way, videos sell and here are just seven reasons why.

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1. The Trust Factor

Today’s consumer wants to build a relationship with brands they buy from. Videos enable you to put a face behind your brand which boosts the trust factor many times over. Remember, Millennials want to engage with and trust companies they buy from and videos are the quickest way to gain trust which encourages dialogue.

2. High Conversion Rates

Sometimes your audience prefers a quick video presentation over a lengthy document which few people have the time or patience to read. Why not shoot a one or two minute video to say in pictures what it might take pages to explain?

3. Cost Effective Marketing with a High ROI

Since video is proven to be so effective, video marketing offers a high return on your investment. Even when you hire a video marketing team, the returns are well worth the money you’ve invested. With that said, it is also important to publish the best video possible. Remember, this is sometimes the only face a customer will see, and you want your company to look it’s best, don’t you?

4. Boosts Search Engine Rankings

There is no doubt about it, Google loves videos and good videos rank highly with the search engines. Also, you might like to know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, second only to Google, so how can you go wrong?

5. Popular with Mobile Viewers

Video marketing is absolutely ideal for mobile viewers. It’s so much easier to watch a short video presentation than to read page after page on a tiny screen, so if you are going after the largest audience possible, reach out to mobile users. Most people now shop from mobile devices, so keep that in mind!

6. Perfect for Product Demonstration

To borrow an old cliché, a picture really does paint a thousand words. If you want someone to quickly assess what it is you have to offer, a short video tells it all.

7. Potential to Go Viral with Shares

Finally, people love to share videos and if you produce a captivating video, the potential to go viral is huge. Where once TV ads quickly led to catch phrases that went viral, now online videos can reach even larger audiences with the potential for millions of shares.

The point is, it doesn’t need to cost a small fortune to produce a high quality video but even if you invest heavily, the ROI will be higher than you expect in most cases. With free editing apps and a search engine like YouTube, you’d be foolish not to give it a try. What a great way to reach millions of viewers with a marketing strategy proven to convert.

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