Enjoy Every Heart Pounding Moment with Underwater Video Camera

Shooting with underwater video camera in the recent years has become highly popular. The combination of the improvements in the video camera, the feature of immediate sharing with friends using the social media and the powerful editing software of the video has added fuel to the fire. Nowadays, the manufacturers of housing also keep the ergonomics of video recording as the priority in the new designs and this has brought t in many photographers shooting videos while diving and with still photo.

Video Cameras

There are several options to shoot video underwater for divers. Yet, there is a need to know the details available as video cameras suitable as underwater.

Entry-level cameras:

These are compact units as entry level and only the top line cameras come equipped with touch screen monitor and Wi-Fi. The advantage in the entry level camera is that it is small in size and the image quality is excellent. It has the ability to stick for unique angles anywhere, shoots bursts, raw image and interval timer stills. The lack of customizable settings and the battery life is short is the downside.

Compact Cameras:

There are many big names as compact cameras such as Panasonic, Canon, Fuji, Sony, Olympus and many more manufacturers. All these manufacturers are great to house for underwater video use. There are the ones that offer full manual control, while many others have identical performance and specs. They offer amazing image quality and better video shoots.

Mirrorless Cameras:

Mirrorless cameras make an ideal choice as underwater video camera, it boasts of functionality and larger image sensors than the compacts and DSLRs that are in smaller size.  These cameras are suitable for photographers and videographers if they do not wish to spend on a DSLR and are happy to have a compact rig for traveling.

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