Your Family Reunion Needs A Photo Booth Attraction

It is easier now than ever before to get a load of pictures at your big family gatherings like weddings or family reunions. Obviously you know this because you have a mobile phone and everyone person who owns a mobile phone is quite familiar with the fact that they all have some kind of camera included.  More importantly, it is also very easy to share all of these photos, thanks to online cloud servers that let you store and share things over the internet; or, of course, you can always use social media apps to share, too.

But here’s the thing: the immediacy and convenience of the camera in your mobile phone kind of removes some of the romanticism and fun of setting up a photo shoot.  And that is the reason many people consider renting a photo booth for big family gatherings.

Yes, we are talking about those old-timey photo booths that you find along the Coney Island boardwalk or at a local county fair or a traveling carnival.  You know the ones:  a curtain hides a small bench where you sit and face a screen or window where the camera hides.  Modern ones, of course, have all kinds of lights and features that make it easy to know when the picture is going to be taken, perhaps even showing you what the camera sees via display that faces the bench.  You pose for the picture and then the machine prints wallet-sized pics for you to take home; typically a few so you can hand some of them out to others.

Obviously, this is a simple way to capture intimate moments and relationships surrounding your big family event.  The photo booth gives you a semi-private—not completely candid—but truly magical means to encourage everyone to make memories.

But the way technology is improving these days—and at such a fast pace—you don’t have to approach this memory-making with such simplicity. Indeed, modern photo booth machines have so many more options. You can choose from borders and backgrounds, even after-function editing choices that let you add things after the picture is taken.  You can even opt to not print your photos and send them directly to your favorite social media apps for even easier sharing options.  Some might even provide an option for you to log in directly and start tagging family and friends!

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